Wednesday, February 22, 2017

random crazy thoughts

My moms birthday is tomorrow sure wish I could be there with her to celebrate!

I have a few minutes before I have to go pick up kids, but wanted to write down my thoughts.  In no particular order and with great disorganization (haha the theme of my life!)

First of all, this week I have been experimenting with a plant base diet.  no meat or diary. Not vegan cause thats like more a way of thinking, and this is purely for health.  My fav doctor put it in my mind after my dreaded appoint where I actually gained weight after she told me to lose weight a year ago (cause i'm awesome!!)  She said she wanted me to watch forks over knives and that she has had two patients that have been able to get off their medicine with a plant based diet.  Well in her office I thought ya right, but then I watched that show and I am excited!  Oh that would be my dream come true to get off my medicine and with all the blood work and have a better outlook on my future health.  I am actually really excited and just hoping that I can make it happen!  So send all the meatless, dairyfree oil free recipes my way.  Good thing I like lots of different kind of food.

Jason watched it with me and thought it was awesome and then went and had a sandwich and chips the next day so we are different very way.  We have been having some funny moments out of it like when I didn't eat the chicken noodle soup with vegetables but then had 6 cookies after dinner.  cause heaven forbide i eat some chicken but pass the cookies ;)  seriously hide all the cookies...they are my kryptonite just love cookies.

I have had to do some things this year with PTA that have scared the crap out of me.  And just showing me that wow seems like i'm always having to face something that terrifies me and I am still alive so far so nothing has killed me yet (lots of wood knocking happening now)

My kids are great ages.  Gosh they love each other.  I think they were all best friends in heaven and just wanted to be together here on earth.  I hope they don't lose this good thing they have now.

lately have just been reflecting about how the really crappy things in my life have really impacted our family for good.  That is with God's help for sure.  Like even changed our family culture and habits and even their personalities (less entitlement for all of us for sure).  slowly i'm getting how people are grateful for their trials even though it sucks when you are in them.  As a whole our kids are humble and gracious because of a some learning and I'm not quite as spoiled either as I could be.  God makes all the yucky bits so beautiful.

Mostly I worry lately (and try not to) that I'm using my time effectively while the kids are gone so I am  my best self when I'm with them.  Am I doing too much, am I not doing enough?  Am i making sure I'm filling my bucket so I'm not a raging lunatic, ya know stuff like that.  definitely still figuring it out but trying to be aware.  I'm a big fan of doing the things that make you happy.

Like last nite, i heard the most awesome sound.  The sound of little footsteps and then opening a door and then a bathroom light go on (benefits of small houses) and then a shut door and a flush and then tip toes back in bed and up the bunk bed).  THAT IS HEAVEN I TELL YOU.  A kid who doesn't wake up there parents when they need to go to the bathroom and does it themselves.  and that doesn't happen on its own.  I had to say, guys I love you but mom needs her sleep so don't wake me unless you really really need me like you have a fever or are barfing.  (and you better not throw up in your bed if you are old enough to make it to the toilet!).  Self preservation is real and it is sacred. So so important for mothers to make limits so we don't run ourselves ragged.  For me that was bottle feeding and babysitters.  Or reading books and watching tv.  Exercise and makeup.  Lots of things.  Church stuff too of course.  So just learning what those things need to be as my kids are growing up.  Sniff ...sniff.  (but also I looooooove these ages).

crap gotta go

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