Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pictures from today

We did not leave the house much today.

Kids were in heaven at home.

I took a chill pill and finished the last of my book. If you can't beat them join them right?

Luke thought I was amazing cause I let him wake up and play video games for hours and hours but then it's like feeding the insatiable beast!

Have been cooking a bunch I think we are good at leftovers for a while I'm sick of washing dishes.

Need to buy more treats.

Planning on very low key Christmas dinner either breakfast for dinner or paninis (ir smooshed hot sandwiches with cheese)

I love these feet. Awe my kids are growing up too fast for me.

And why do I have such cute awesome neighbors who give thoughtful presents while I'm just like duhhh.....

Ya I just gave them toffee.
(Yay Byu won their bowl game!)

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Brandon Walter Evans said...

Nancy Jo said...

toffee is the!

Lindsey said...

Cute!! Is that Ivy with her short hair?? Paninis sound great for Christmas dinner! Wish we were all together! Will have to facetime!