Saturday, December 17, 2016

My mom rocks

Today for #lighttheworld is honoring our mothers. My own kids pooped out on this today ahahah but my mom is awesome.

Most everything I learned in life on how to be and how to mother and my confidence is because of her. I just had a really really awesome example. Which is even more significant because she made some changes from the way she was mothered and did things differently and with more love.

She has given me wonderful advice over the years, listened to so much nonsense that has come out of my mouth and put up with lots of complaining. Plus she loves my family so much and is our biggest fan and cheerleader.

She has bought me the most and done the most and sacrificed the most for me besides Jesus. Really.

How I learned how to serve and teach in the church and enjoy life and make things more fun is from her.

Really I am a soccer coaching pta pres mom because i saw her do it first! And she did not have that kind of mom and that is totally her to just beat to her own drum and be the change.

She is kind and thoughtful and instrumental in my gaining my testimony of the Savior as my seminary teaching and all the other billion things she did growing up.

If only I could be as awesome as she is then my kids would be pretty dang lucky. Love you mom. Thanks for being the kind of mom I needed and for showing me how to have a wonderful life. I can never repay you for all you have given me and so blessed to have you forever! Thanks for loving me when I have been cranky and unlovable. Thanks for always cheering me up and telling me I can do hard things. You are the strongest person I know xoxo!

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Lindsey said...

What a wonderful tribute!! xoxo

Nancy Jo said...

Wow! That was really really nice. You are a much better person than I me. I love you Brooke Thanks so much for the tribute.It was wonderful and priceless to me. I will always cherish it. Love, Mom