Saturday, December 31, 2016

Paisley turned 7 in September

Somehow my brain was not working and I didn't post about My super duper cute Paisley's birthday way back in September !!!!!! #awesomemom We can't have that now can we!

It is pretty tough being the last kid of five to have a birthday it felt like she was waiting forever!

Good thing she got spoiled good and even had a party!!!

We took her out of school for lunch and jason came too! She requested the habit and asked for Oreo smash o for dessert.

Most of these presents are from nana and grandpa they spoil the kids so much! And the kids love it!

For paisleys party we did cookie decorating and some games... the cheese puff throw from the family reunion that we all loved.

Found this game on Pinterest instead of a piƱata you glue candy on shirts and then big kids run around while the others try and pull it off!!!

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