Tuesday, November 15, 2016

the election

okay so ya know how i used to share my opinion on this blog?

well now is one of those times.  take it or leave it.

i'm glad some time has passed because my feelings are little more manageable.

here are my thoughts on this crazy election in no particular order.

I was totally shocked trump won and I am not a fan of his.

Actually i was rooting against him.  I was super ashamed that this was my party that I have supported my entire adult life's presidential nominee.  I mean could we get anyone worse?  I don't think so.

so yes I think hillary is awful too.  but think at least with her we get the woman thing and more of the same obama thing.  which i have been doing.  heck i have never liked obama and not gotten close to voting for him before but have seen some good points in him really about the refugee situation which i appreciated his more compassionate approach.  ya'll know how I feel about those refugees!  (our brothers and sisters in humanity!)

but yes i hate obamacare.

so back to the election.  i was super emotional about it.

I had a really hard time hearing my friends talk about jesus and then talk about supporting such a moral-less man.

but i could see the reason behind people backing hillary even though i think she is totally corrupt.  shoot i so much assumed she would win I had prepared myself and was thinking of all the good people i knew who voted for her so she couldn't be all bad right?

see thats it, I know really good people who voted for both of them and had reasoning behind it.

but i sorta needed to stop hearing people who were voting for trump because i little part of me died when i found that out...kidding and not kidding.

good news though.

it was awesome to see hillary get creamed.

no i don't believe in not talking about it in front our kids my kids are very aware of my feelings about trump.

and after a day of seriously upsetness...maybe i would have been just as upset when hillary won who knows but seriously even marijuana passed?  all the bad crap passed.  it was too much for me.

anyway after a depressing day i felt much better.

there is always hope.  and hey maybe he will repeal dreaded obamacare.  And maybe he will lower our taxes (provided that wall thing was a big joke) and my sisters reassure me that he will have good people to reign him in (who must have sold their souls to satan to work with him ;)  kidding not kidding.

seriously though did we just elect king noah?  Cause it feels like we did.  Also have been reading a book about the beginnings of ww2 and so the upstart of hitler and this election was very alarming to me.

so he better put in conservative justices like you all think he will.

i voted for evan macmillan and i all i gotta say is if i had a dollar for everyone who told me that a vote for 3rd party was a vote for hillary...well you were all wrong and i would be rich.  so burn.

and burn on you celebrities for thinking america listens to you.  yes she won in the popular vote but thats just cause california is so dang big and populated.

  i still have no idea why such a large part of the country could support such a racist womanizer when they couldn't rally around Romney cause he was Mormon but whatever, i'm letting it go.

thoughts at the moment before I forget them.  i love america.  we will be okay.

i'm all for peaceful protests but lets stop the craziness.  bless people like paul ryan will be able to hold up the sane part of the republican party.  pretty much everyone who didn't support trump is who i still like ;)


Beth said...

Love you!!! And hey, super good point about Romney! Seriously people

Brandon Walter Evans said...
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Brandon Walter Evans said...

I always say king Noah only taxed 25% and our tax rate goes much higher than that.

Brandon Walter Evans said...

I wrote in my vote.

Brandon Walter Evans said...
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