Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Too much to do

I sound like a broken record.

Good stuff but busy. Really feel like I can only do so much with Gods help. It's called the enabling power of the Atonement.

Volunteering in school with my girls. This is the most I have been at the school this year since I don't have littles at home.

Sundays have been so great.
Jason and girls playing around while Luke was at a bishops fireside (that's Mormon code for devotional)

Ivy wanted a hair cut. I was sad at first but thought sure why not and did it! Super cute even though miss her long hair but not the brushing!

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We had one cool day in the 70s as opposed to 90s for football . It was awesome even though his team got whooped and he got tossed around a bit too. Mean team they played!

Look what popped up on my Facebook memory? Jason and mine first day. More like 17 years ago!!

Have the awesome part about soccer is the team names and banner. Ferocious

While I don't love this pic of me I do love these girls. Why did I get such good friends in California? We were celebrating Sophie's mission farewell

When you touch the temple the temple touches you.

Had to include the one of amber but can't remember which one she didn't like so hope it wasn't this one. She is a goodie too and so glad I gave good friends who want to do fun things together and also important things. As went to a wedding for a former sister missionary sister Faucett

Finally getting the hang of dinner and sports. It's a challenge!

Sophie before her farewell by some random car . Going to Brazil. Super inspiring talk and so pleased with her.

Owen and Luke friends forever

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Nancy Jo said...

Love the pictures! Neat that you have friends from so long ago! That is awesome that Sofia went on a mission!! Miss your family!!