Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sundays are so special

I survived another week of this crazy life what!!!!!

I got to meet cute baby Jude my friend Emily's baby who lives only 4 doors down...

Jason got my garden all prepped and ready and now I just need to buy plants and plant them which is the most fun part!  Luke helped with the rota tiller too!  (i.e. boys are stronger than girls, its true)

We saw Jungle book as a family Saturday morning and then went to fuddruckers after which was so fun!  

3 oldest girls had a Father Daughter Dance at their school...the first one we have gone to and it was the most adorable thing ever.  How do I know?  Well the PTA pulled that sucker off and it was good for my soul to see.  Showed me the neat things PTA does seeing all those men dancing with their daughters.  Our school needed that too.  

Luke made me so proud staying home with Ivy on a brother date.  Even sang her a song and said a prayer with her at bed time and patted her back.  They went on a walk and did a puzzle and played spot it.  Then of course they played video games!  

Ivy let me put her hair in pig tails which is my favorite girls hair ever and some reason my girls have always resisted.  So its a big win when they let me (ponytails bore the heck out of me)

Cut out sugar out of my life...broke up really.  and feel so much better.  Replaced it with frozen bananas, dates...specifically Date Lady Dates, and RX bars and fruit Larabars.  and Popcorn as my treat at nite.  

Love my family, love them for putting up for me cause I can be am emotional rollercoaster let me tell you!  

Oh yes, have to speak in church on Sunday and am dreading it.  Dreading it.  Specifically cause its a subject that has been hard for me to articulate?  Too personal maybe?  Yielding our hearts to God.  But I have done lots and lots of yielding in my life.  And God has changed my heart.  Still changing it cause I'm a stubborn gal!!!  Still need it daily!  

Had a great nap with my girls today and that is the best Sunday thing of all!  


Brandon Walter Evans said...

A good talk about that was a CES broadcast by Elder Holland where he talked about a young couple he knew where husband got diagnosed with cancer and e knew their family ad he asked for a blessing and before he gave blessing he talked to them about I think Abinadi where Noah said he would be killed if he didnt deny The Lord and Abinadi said I know God can save me but if not I won't deny Him. And Elder Holland focused on the but if not and said I know you have faith to be healed but do you have faith to accept if it isn't in God's plan to heal you.

Beth said...

Date lady dates, where are these? I might need to find some. Love dates! (I know, I'm weird)