Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Favorite ages

Photo dump. 

Mint canyon ward relief society temple nite. So special. Neat stories. Brought my own family names . Worth it

And my newfound love of titos tacos.... Seriously when can I go again? 
And I love these girls. Lucky to know so many great ladies in my life 

Paisley after much praying, trying, crying, more trying....stopped sucking her thumb!!!!!! This is huge people! And she got a huge reward that she is looooove with. Meet Emma jewel. 

I love that my girls are such good friends. 

Had the finnigans over for dinner and wow why haven't we done that sooner. Have such fond memories mooching dinner from Jackie. I'm sure the score is now like 3 to 1000

Ivy playing with her little buddies. 

Fieldtrip at underwood farms . I'm turning into a sentimental sap. Paisley looooved that I got to come for half of the time and stuck to me like glue. Made the time on the road worth it. 

Volunteering in her class sure has made me adore some of these kids in her class! 

The only picture I got of this fabulous teacher. Wow so much work kindergarten teachers put in!!!!! Wow she is so amazing! So appreciative of her! 

And a little Ivy and Brooke faceswap for you!!! Enjoy! 

I cut baylies hair! Like most things in our life it was spontaneous but she had been wanting to do it for a little while . Good thing they aren't picky because their hairdresser is an amateur! 

This strong son thing is quite handy! Love that he can do this! Love my boy! 

Ivy with ivy ! 


Beth said...

Awesome pictures!

Brandon Walter Evans said...

I didn't know you were in the mint canyon ward. There should be peppermints at every potluck as a thing

Nancy Jo said...

Love your family! Love your pictures!!!!

Alvhild Evans said...

Love all the pictures!!! Crazy how much you and Ivy look a like! Miss you!!