Monday, April 4, 2016

Baylie Baylie you are my cutie girl

My Baylie girl turned 9! How pretty is she? Fancy new outfit from Nana (who spoils her!!)

Baylie had a great birthday. It's spring break. She went on a date with mom. Then unplanned chuck e cheese fun. Paninis for dinner and now sleeping in the living room with her siblings watching princess bride on the projector. And she requested eggs for breakfast. And they played monopoly 'Mccoy style' last nite. Not a bad life! 

Grateful for Baylie in our life she is such a blessing. Baylie is a very spiritual girl and has had some neat encounters and impressions from heaven.  One time she said she was reading her scriptures and felt like someon was giving her a thumbs up and a smile saying good job Baylie. When I think of Baylie I think of the advice I heard years ago not to break your children like horses. Because she was born with a strong spirit that I know will help her with the challenges of life. She has a level headedness that is beyond her years. Just don't tell her she is short, it is not her favorite to hear!  I'm very happy for her because she loves loves loves her teacher this year Mrs Zarlenga and has learned some about friendships this year and the importance of picking good ones. She prayed about that too and felt impressed who she should befriend at school. 

Baylie loves her cute legs and blue eyes and blonde hair. She loves to sing and play the piano and is a natural performer! Good thing she is taking glee right now! 

Oh yes on her date she went to target and spent her birthday money on even more Legos and ate at the habit and ordered a BBQ chicken salad and fries! With water of course! 


Brandon Walter Evans said...

Such a neat scripture story. Wonder who gave her thumbs up. Conference had good angel stories not sure if you heard President Nelsons in Priesthood.

Alvhild Evans said...

So cute! Love that she wanted s slumber party with her siblings. You'll have to tell me what the McCoy version of monopoly is :)