Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tired ahahahahahwaaaaahhhhhh

This morning before scripture study someone asked me if I was tired. I must have looked tired. And then I thought well I can't remember the last time I wasn't tired...wait now I do. It was the cruise . So apparently to avoid tiredness I need to be perpetually on a cruise without my children. But then I asked the ladies who were with us...is there anything such at not being tired...I mean if you are mom at least? But probably for just women in general too because life is just tiring right? Reading books until late in the nite is probably part of the problem too ... 

Anyway so have had lots of pictures and thoughts to post but just been lazy and tired. Ok so I don't know if I really can be lazy with all the people depending on me but I really really want to be. The effort is there. 

Recipes you want my healthy recipes? Well mostly I follow a lot of healthy posts on Instagram and my friend rachel has one called thedailyray and these are her pancakes and there are amazing even with no syrup. But they look like sausage...or cow patties...take your pick 

Oh Luke. Lukey Luke . Why do you torment with your resistance to scouts? Or anything besides reading and video games for that matter? It really is exhausting really. But here is one of the projects for family life merit badge. He looks even tired in the photo hahahah. He made a meal plan thingy that I have been wanting forever . Turned out pretty cute . Hope it's what they were expecting 

I love cherries. We all love cherries. Can never have enough cherries. 

Ivys adorable picture . Ahhhhhh 

Death of a plate. Luke broke it. It's okay it's been well loved. He actually broke a lot of dishes this week...like at least 3 

Ivy and I had lunch with Jason and it was awesome. She looooved being by herself with us. And of course eating mcdonalds. I had a cabbage salad go me. 

At his work is also where I found out Ivy is famous!!! If you have seen my fb post Ivy was in a Disney video called pulse of California adventure and as of last week already had 2.2 million views on Disney.com!!!!! 

Ok so lots of pictures of Ivy but we hang out a lot. Each kid gets there turn :) and she climbed up with super high thing and down by herself too. Who needs fabulous verbal skills those are lame! We are climbers!!! 

I also follow a lot of church feeds on my Instagram and love it . Perfect scripture for my tired self . So grateful for Jesus and His yoke! 


Sara Jane said...

Your lesson sounds awesome! I am going to look up your friend's recipe thing on instagram. I'm been following whole 30 recipes, but it's kind of hit and miss. Are you doing Whole 30?

Brooke McCoy said...

No and probably never again Sara. too extreme for me

Nancy Jo said...

Love all your pictures! Love your family! Too many cherries can be a bad thing : ) I think the first picture looks like a big no bake cookie. Can't believe Ivy can climb that rock - AMAZING!

Lindsey said...

Awe~ tell Luke I broke 3 plates this week! And good job doing your chores! That is a big rock that Ivy is on!! Love all your picts!