Saturday, December 19, 2015

Our Christmas Card 2015


Ø  Trying to scare the pants off each other.  The greatest was recently when Jason crouched down in the dark hallway waiting for Luke to get out of the bathroom one nite and then growled which created a scream that made Brooke downstairs think someone had broken their leg and then we laughed about it with the big girls (ie: Darby and Baylie) for at least 30 minutes…the little girls (ie: Paisley and Ivy)  kept snoozing even though Luke banged into their door in terror.  

Ø  Well right now we are freezing our pants off in this 50-60 degree weather but reminiscing about boogie boarding the waves whenever we could this summer. Even with buckets of sunblock we still got pretty good tans this year.  Nothing like the beach…side note, just don’t let Darby take any clams home that you think you might try and eat but then just end up stinking up everything and then when the stinkiness WILL NOT GO AWAY realize that Luke hid a few in his room and your sister and kids are visiting from Alabama and had to sleep in there.   I think it was Karma from mother nature which we have since apolojized and remedied. 

Ø  Entering the world of tackle football…Luke would come home every nite so tired, but with the biggest smile on his face.  He loooved it!  He’ll be even more excited when he is not an x man.  

Ø  Cheering at soccer games...Jason assistant coached Baylie’s team, this was her first year and the beast is unleashed.  She and Darby are both hustlers!  Brooke coached Darby’s team which was the most fun thing ever and who’s voice is also now well known to the crowd because its so loud J

Ø  Going to Disneyland! Ivy finally is tall enough to ride some of the big rides and it is darling!  If we can’t live near our family this definitely eases the pain.   Wish we could squish Santa Clarita a little closer to Anaheim but we are good at bad traffic and waiting in lines.  The biggest news is that Paisley loves Tower of Terror THE MOST and is super brave while her oldest two siblings (cough cough) cannot handle the ghosts!

We are grateful everyday!  We love God and the Christmas seaon! Christ is the glue that keeps our family together! We are not perfect (oh wow like you don’t even know) but perfect is boring.  We are meeting life’s challenges day by day and relying on the Savior and personal revelation from the Spirit to guide our way.  Thanks for your positive influence for good on our lives! 

 XOXO   Jason & Brooke; Luke (12), Darby (10), Baylie (8), Paisley (6), Ivy (4)


Alvhild Evans said...

Cute!! Love all the pictures!

Beth said...

Awesome pictures!!!

Brenda Druilhet said...

I cannot believe how tall your son is. Everyone looked great!!

Brenda Druilhet said...

I cannot believe how tall your son is. Everyone looked great!!

Tanya said...

So cute!! How long are the kids out of school? Let's get together! If you are around Anaheim😉