Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wow just wow

Weekends go by too fast. Girls played 'salon' after church tonite thankfully Ivy was sleeping cause we know how she loves her lipstick ;) the girls are so lucky to have each other. 

Check out this awesome soccer burn I'm getting :/ thankfully it was slightly cooler this weekend not in the hundreds 

Jason and I went to yummy fancy dinner. Closest thing to mikata ... Kisho :) 

Some of Darby's soccer team. 
Won again on Saturday! 


Brandon Walter Evans said...

Baylie is your mini me competition with ivy

Nancy Jo said...

Wow - love the dress up, make up! Just awesome beauties!! Ouchies soccer burn - sunscreen dearie. Love Mr. Bubble! Miss your family!!

Mindy said...

So much fun!