Monday, October 26, 2015

So much to say so little time

We had some really really really good news this week that we get to go out of town without kids for Jason's work. On a very large boat. We leave on Sunday. :) it was in fact a direct answer to some specific praying I was doing about wanting to spend some time together and not knowing how the heck we could do it plus on low funds. Feeling very blessed.

But also feeling very stressed. I have never been gone that long from my kids and there is so much I need to do to get ready and prepare oh ya and it's Halloween this week. Plus I need to clean badly so I don't mortify my inlaws in how we really live. So I'm like flip flopping between utter excitement and pure terror that we don't even have a will in case the ship decides to go all titanic on us. And that is my brain. 

Seriously I have had a headache for two days and let's just hope Jason still wants to go with me come Sunday cause I'm sure I'm driving him bananas. 

In other news we got my boy a phone. And I love it. Just a flip phone but it is totally worth it to see the smile on his face and see some growing independence as he tells me how many contacts he has (9 at last count) and to get the multiple 'love u' texts I've been getting during the day when he is at school. He also took picture of paisley for his screen saver with is really cute. He also keeps telling us his ringtone is so 'boss' and texted Jason 'sup bruh' . Oh man we are loving this. It's like a whole new Luke! 

and then when I was talking too long dropping something off and he was waiting in the car I also got a text that said... Hurry up I need to poop. 


Heather said...

So cool! Have fun on your cruise. LOL at the poop text.

Nancy Jo said...

Cute pic of Luke & his phone

Brandon Walter Evans said...

He looks happy