Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What the heck happened to summer!!!!

I made it!!!!!  Tomorrow school starts and I did it!!!!  I survived and gasp, enjoyed another summer with some of the loudest, rowdiest kids around.  Thankfully they are also some of the funniest, sweetest and my best buddies so thats probably what made it so pleasant.

But seriously i'm in shock! Tomorrow!  hurry hurry, kids, get in all the tv and video games you can cause tomorrow our world is about to be rocked!!

Right now as I type this all six of us are in the same room in the down down stairs. 2 are on the wii playing lego star wars, 1 is on the iPad (the boy), 2 are on the laptop (animal jam, one playing, one observing) and I am on the computer.

Boy this early wake up and early bed time is gonna suck.

But....but but, but.....

I will, have for the first time in 12 years...12 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 free mornings all by myself, to do whatever my heart desires while Ivy is in preschool.  so holler if you want to hang before noon.  Thats gonna be my party time, 9 to 12.  maybe we can brunch?  or just meet up at target?  or get an pretzel at Sams?

in truth one day I will be at the school volunteering (aka parent spying), 1 day I will be doing my calling in relief society, and so then there will be one glorious friday to really, really I will probably watch tv.  will I watch tv?  hmmm....time will tell.

I keep thinking of Sister Becks advice years ago when she said to not waste all your energy during the day, but save some for the swing shift (3 p.m. to 11 pm.) when the parenting magic happens for my aged kids.  11?  shoot, thats pretty late my kids better be asleep way before then.  and sister beck did not have a buddy like Ivy home with her too.  But I will do the best I can (i.e.: consume lots of caffeine and exercise!)

Speaking of exercise, I hurt my foot wearing very cute high heeled shoes on Sunday!  It is ruined I think.  Dude, I am missing my stress release this foot has to fix soon.  And might be flats forever in my future.

okay, back to school.  I was not ready, but this weekend, I am now ready.  Boy, am I ready, we have had enough bonding time I think for sure!!!

But then I remembered Paisley!!!  My sweet paisley will be starting kindergarten I'm going to miss her (miss her while screaming for joy) but really I will cry.  I think she might be the first kid I cry at when they go to kindergarten.  But she will love it.  And really glad that she will be with Darby and Baylie they will love having her at school with them and will watch out for her much better than, cough, someone else would have.

What do I think about this whole Jr high business?  I'm excited!  Luke is going to do great and he will love it too!  What I am not ready for is this whole high school business in 2 years!!!  2 years!!!!!!!!  what?  And if we are doing the calculating, I have realized that 2016 is the best year ever.  All the magic happens in 2016.  Ivy will be in kindergarten and it will be the year before Luke starts early morning seminary and I become more exhausted.

So not to jump ahead, but here's the plan for that glorious 2016 -2017 school year that will only happen once in my whole life.....

one day temple. love that ours is so close, the temple is awesome.
one day go to the movies by myself during the day something I've only dreamed about
one day lunch with jason, wahoooooooooo
one day volunteering (spying) in school
one day who know whatever. probably laundry.  and cooking.  and cleaning.  crap what am I talking about I do that everyday.

Ivy is asking me for more peanut butter.  Well actually she has been asking me for the last 3 minutes but I have been ignoring her.  But now I will go do it.

But yay 2015 summer we sure enjoyed you.  We all have really good tans, never went on any trips but still had lots of fun.  May the force be with you.

peanut butter, now to get the peanut butter.


Alvhild Evans said...

You are so funny! Wish I was there to go to target with you! Enjoy your time off! :)

Nancy Jo said...

Sorry about your foot. Hope it is fixed soon. You have such a cute family! Hope they survived the first day of school!