Friday, April 24, 2015

Recent discoveries

We are freezing in our flip flops over here with this cloudy weather.  Which reminds me I have been learning so much lately.

1.  Whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top of chocolate milk take having hot chocolate at your house to a whole new level.  And I have been using too small of cup. A soup bowl is much better.  Wow.  And also makes for a great breakfast.   Speaking of, I need to go buy some more whipped cream we are now out.  Jason gave me the great compliment of my life when he said he no longer can drink anyone elses hot chocolate cause mine is the best and so chocolatey!  Vindication!!!!!  or maybe it should just say Victory!!!  But vindication sounds more fun. 

2.  I enjoyed the movie Tooth fairy (with the Rock and Julie Andrews) entirely too much.  What is happening to me? I laughed out loud even.  Fun for the whole family I tell you. 

3.  12 year old sons who can babysit are freaking awesome.  Especially when they are free and used for two hours or less. 

4.  Dell Taco fish tacos call to me.  Seriously why didn't I not know such goodness was right around the corner and connected to a gas station?

5.  This is where I don't say how dumb animals are to not make the previous owners of ours feel bad or not enjoying them.  We are, but.... they can also sometimes be dumb.  And sometimes can mean alot.

6.  Sister missionaries rule!!!!!!!  What?!!  How have I been missing out all these years?  Our side of the church has always had the boys but those girls have been helping clean up the table and dishes and entertain my kids to know end!!! They don't just sit and watch them show off, they play hide and seek and race them!!!!  wow!!!  I am thinking I'm am super duper smart by having them come only on the days Jason is working late to so I have extra help!!!  The ones we just got our from American Samoa and Hawaii (the big Island linds!) and they are amazing!!!

7.  Okay, I'm out of ideas.  thats it apparently.  I have only learned 6 things this week. 

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Lindsey said...

Genius idea about the sisters coming on days Jason is gone!! And from the big island! Will have to try the chocolate milk. Can't wait till D can babysit. Is 10 too young?