Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas break

We still have had another week of break so here's what we have done. 

Today was dentist visits!! Ivys first time!!!

Darby has been fitting into some of my clothes! This sweater my mom wore and then I stole from her in high school and Now look who it fits! 

Baylie learned to blow bubbles! 

We went to see my friend Tiffany answer boys in Sunland and they have horses and chickens and puppies and goats and it was kid heaven! 

Us crazy Mccoys on New Year's Eve! We all stayed up til 12:30 am!!!! Watched jack the giant slayer and here comes the boom. Played games and I made candy pie which is you dump a bunch of candy in a pie dish and call it candy pie! I'm so witty ;)

Reasons why it's good rusty can't talk when paisley puts a scarf on him...

Why i like having one iPad ...I secretly like to see them all huddled together pretty much the only time. 

Will be in a little shock when we go back to school and seminary! 

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Nancy Jo said...

Oh my goodness - the scarf on Rusty - priceless! Ivy's face at the dentist - love it! Darby & Baylie look so happy by the horse and love all the kids looking at the iPad!