Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We are on the birthday counting for this girl. Thank you Allie and Isabel for making pigtails cool and having them the same day paisley did cause they are my most favorite hair do.

I took this girl to the library today. I bought 40 books for $4. You had to get them in packs of ten or you didn't get the  10 cent deal. Well any kinda shopping with a three year old is nuts and she was being loud and kept running away while I was looking so that last ten was pretty funny. If you want to know about incas or Brazil you know who to call. Only wanted 3 more but cheaper to get the extra 7. Brandon that book might have your birthday present name on it... Looks like it's from the 80s ;) 

And then she did this. And was quiet. Thank you Dora and your touch screen computer. 

And then Jenn came in and we laughed good and almost got electrocuted while we were there for being loud in the library and laughing about things that we shouldn't have been. But it was just was the doctor ordered... Love when moments like that happen. 

Girls at Luke's practice. Luke is so cute in football. He really loves it and feels so comfortable there. Some good kids he is with this year and glad we did it. 

We mauled this poor preying mantis for sure. Everyone held it many times and i think the only reason it didn't flee is cause it was missing a leg and my girls were faster. 

When i showed paisley this picture of herself with the preying mantis she said, it looks like i have no teeth!  ha!  it does!

Read this book and so cool to know the author. Super fun and wow I know some talented people. Fire of the sea by lyndsay johnson. Totally got sucked in. Now why can't I be a mermaid? 

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Lindsey said...

Great pictures! I would love to see Luke play football!!! Sounds like a good trip to the library!!