Saturday, July 5, 2014

They came they went

What a week! Got a short visit from the awesome Arizona Morleys for a day and both my parents came to visit California this week and we jammed as much in as we could. My dad hadn't been here since November and it was great to see them both. After all these years I'm more used to the coming and going and being apart but now it's the kids who get sad and disappointed it's hard to see grandparents drive away when you don't know when you will see them next. Glad we got to spend so much time with Lindsey's family too. So grateful Jason and I have were raised by such great families there are many awesome people who are not so lucky. Thankfully we can all choose to be the great families we want our children to be raised in and they can choose to be as well. Thoughtful mood I'm in this morning. 

Now on to the pictures! 

After Sunday dinner at the pfisters right before we left.

We sure gave the people at Americana something to gawk at! Look at all those kids of me and Lindsey! 

Speaking of here is me with Lolo at Huntington Beach. The water was perfect and the beach is good for our souls! 

Watching movies on mamas computer is becoming tradition.

 After going up to mt baldy and driving home again we decided to take the kids to maleficient on Fourth of July and then do pop its in the drive way and see the illegal fireworks of the neighbors. It was great . Also turns out I'm a bit more anxious on ski lifts than I used to be! But the kids loved it! 

Sometimes I can get down about not seeing both our families more... Especially for those nieces and nephew we haven't even met but I am choosing to be grateful for the times we do get and know we are family no matter the distance! Plus I get to live with the best six people I know ! Speaking of I better go check on what they are doing... And stay tuned for more staycation pictures. 

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Alvhild Evans said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like so much fun!