Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Old pals

Keeping in touch is not my strength.  Which is why it's such a treat to see an oldie but goodie like Claire dang Thompson! Love that lady! 

And there was nothing cuter than seeing our girls boogie board for hours and hours. They were in heaven. There was a big deep ditch right at the shore so paisley and ivy couldn't swim much but we managed in the sand. 

It was the first time I have gone to the beach without Jason and Luke in a while and when driving down we really missed them... They were coming back from father son camp out ... But nothing like a girl party too. Claire brought one of the Everett kids too and I swear we had to make like a million bathroom runs.  
Until next summer! 


Beth said...

Great photo of you guys!

Amber said...

Did you seriously say you are not good at keeping in touch with people?!?! Girl…that's one of your biggest strengths. You keep in touch with EVERYONE! ;-)