Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The baby is 3 how can this be?

Ivy ivy ivy. Our little ivy.  She had a birthday and she loved it. She wanted hot fudge and ice cream and then we went to the movies and saw how to train a dragon 2. She just wanted to see her cousins so we made that happen Monday.

Ivy is usually smiling which I appreciate so much since some of her siblings are not always cough cough. 

She loves music and nursery and her friends cole and Baylee and Henry and Lucy and Toby and all the others she plays with there.  

If ivy wants ice cream... Well twice this week she got a bowl and spoon got the ice cream out of the freezer, scooped herself some and put back on the lid. Chocolate is her favorite. She loves watching shows and swimming and loves her family.

Her nursery teachers were telling me stories about her in there and how she can dive across the room to get a toy she wants and snuck out so stealthily and how fast she runs and I think yep that sounds about right. She also loves riding a scooter and bosses rusty around. 

She also has to dress herself and put on her seatbelt herself. Wahoo for 3 years old! 


Lindsey said...

Those are darling pictures of Ivy!! She is a cutie and so smart!!

Sara Jane said...

Happy Birthday to little Ivy! Can you believe she's 3! Crazy how time goes and I love the family pic at the movies.

Nancy Jo said...

I love the boots picture - just made me laugh! Can't believe she gets her own ice cream! Great family pictures!!