Friday, March 7, 2014

Easy peasy lemon squeezey

Here is where I pretend all is easy and blissful and ignore what is really going on in life until I can get a handle on it. 

Thanks for pretending with me.  Here is a hot tip though, don't ask the open book woman cause she will tell when she is ready. 

So .......I made this chore chart. 

And it's been working . Obviously the kids moan and complain about it but it's been pretty effective. We rotate it on Mondays and take turns who gets to rotate it. I need to make a second one with deeper cleaning chores like bathrooms ... Maybe for Saturdays. Will get on that as soon as I can concentrate on anything besides the big thing that will not be named. I have made time to eat a hefty amount of sweets... But what we talking about it.

This chart amuses me cause I did it on a whim and looks like me (ie: messy) and it makes me inwardly smile to think of how different all my organized people in my life would make theirs. But this works and more a get-her-done-life anyway. 

Now let's all gaze and sigh at my beautiful chore chart which you are allowed to comment on and tell me how gorgeous it is and so beautiful it makes you want you want to cry?

There :)

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Lindsey said...

I love your chore chart!! Genius!!