Monday, February 3, 2014

Photo ops

Congrats Darby my wildest dreams finally came true! Way to go!

Read this book. I had Luke read it too. Should be mandatory for fifth/six grade in my opinion. 

Preschool fieldtrip. 

Mud party (aka checked out mom)
I thought this picture was classic though. Poor ivy getting mauled. 

Rainbow loom mania. 

Yes it's been a few days and this is still there. 

And now ill sing my theme song with Elsa, let it go! Let it go! 

I need to get this printed for the girls rooms.

This is what we did during Super Bowl... Sent ugly faces with my family. To Seahawks! 
And no I will not post theirs cause I'm scared of them. 

Skin issues. Used some tea tree on this. Just never know what each day will bring huh? 


Nancy Jo said...

Way to go Darby!! That is awesome!! The mud pictures made me cringe - needed to be in junkier clothes. Loved the sayings & the boys faces : 0

Courtney said...

That was quite fun sending those pics! Way to go Darby!

Beth said...

Go Darby!!!!

Mindy said...

I seriously love you guys. So totally what REAL life is like. When (if) I grow up, I wanna be you. :-)