Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The day

Me and that ivy are buds again while the rest are in school. 
And paisley and me when ivy is napping on the days she will nap. 

I just read another Brandon mull book and I really like them. The beyonders. Can't wait to read the second one when Luke brings it back from his desk at school. 

This flour dumped all out today when I realized the bag was too heavy for me to carry. Oops. 

I would also like to argue that this is the greatest page in picture book history. 
A close second to the last hat the pink poodle wears.  What am I going to do when I have no kids to read it to? That will be wierd. 

Or draw me cute pictures? 

But have really like the older ages too. Some great conversations. Even if I have to constantly shovel food down the boys throat to ward off crankiness! 

My kids have been pretty darn awesome lately even if I cleaned poop off the floor yesterday or they tell me how gross my dinner looks and then eat it all (cause my food is goooood, crazy kids!) 

Can never catch up on sleep or eat as healthy as I would like but that is okay. Made two batches of orange rolls in two days and there are only two left in the whole house! The second batch was so much better different recipe for dough ...wowser. Food can really fill the cracks of the heart ;) 


Laurie Nguyen said...

Brooke, did you try Heidi Gifford's roll recipe?

Courtney said...

Those are cute pics! I need to try your roll recipe! I am awful at rolls!