Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The past few days feels like I have been bonked on the head a bit.  By heaven.  Or maybe it was a spanking?  Hmmm....

During my morning prayers I have gotten a thought and dismissed it and then felt like 'no you dummy, this is what you were praying about, and this is my answer so are you going to do it or not?'  one of those 'duh' moments where I realize, oh so this is how the Lord is trying to talk to me and tell me what I need to do.  Like literally was on my hands and knees asking something and then thought this thing and didn't think it was connected.  Boy, I'm slow.  But thankfully I still figured it out.  Kinda cool really, makes me wonder how many times I have missed out on what He was trying to do or if I just did it and didn't realize where it was coming from.

See, I'm learning kids, ya here that?  your old mother is still learning and so you are going to be way sharp if you can figure out how to listen and talk with God much sooner than me and I know you will.  Just takes the tiniest of effort.

It felt like going to Ninevah!  Like a tiny taste of how Jonah must have felt when he didn't want to go to Ninevah but thats where he needed to be.  Cause that place seemed no fun.  And in both cases my reasons for hesitating were either being tired or lazy or prideful and then when I did the 'Ninevah' thing it came with great results. 

The second time didn't happen when I was praying but when an opportunity to mend a fence presented itself and I realized this was also a bonk on the head from heaven and all my negative feelings seemed to melt away once I opened myself up to it.  Still a work in progress but the Lord works in mysterious ways I tell you!  And if He wants something to happen it will happen, whether we want to or not.  Well not true, I guess its our choice to dig in our heels at any moment and hide away from where He is trying to take us because getting our comfort zones can be uncomfortable and even logically might seem the opposite of what we should do.

What our 'best worst year' or our 9 months of 'unemployment education' taught me, is that its always better to be on the Lords side.  Cause His plan is way better than anything we can come up with.  So here is to opening myself up to more Ninevah moments no matter how painful they may appear to be and trust in the rest!

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