Wednesday, June 26, 2013

temple blessings

On Jason's last day unemployed we went to the temple.

We have always been temple goers and had wonderful experiences there.

For what has felt like a long long long dang time, every time we go we are just inwardly pleading.
Help us keep the faith, help us know You are watching out for us.  Help us remember the point of this life.  Help us be loving and kind to each other (which is trick sometimes!) What can we learn?  Just looking for some peace.

But last Tuesday, it felt like a big weight had been lifted and we just felt gratitude.  
Like a deflating balloon, just thankfulness. 

It was nice.  And I'm glad we went as much as we did.  We tried to do every week or every other week, sometimes together, sometimes separate. It was like a survival mechanism.   Like a dose of 'you can do it a little longer' every time we went.

But on Tuesday, we were walking up with our big smiles (running a bit late of course)
and were stopped by this couple who said, "What goes on in that building right there?"

Well shoot thats a big question for two minutes.  But we told them.  And I showed them my temple recommend and said you have to get an interview to get one where they ask you questions like, "Are you honest with your fellow man?  and Are you chaste?  Do you believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior?"

And I told them we were married in a temple and so this guy is stuck with me. When we marry in the temple we say "For time and all eternity" and not "til death do us part'

and the reason we had the little suitcases with us is that we change from our Sunday clothes to white Sunday clothes so everyone is all in white and it feels like a bit of heaven on earth.  A place to worship Jesus and reflect. And the parts we don't talk about are because they are sacred.  And we treat sacred things very special.

And they were nice and I pointed them to the visitors center (where you can see pictures of what it looks like inside) and we rushed on our way (Jason said also good things that I can't remember ...)

and then 

....when we got out, I needed some stuff at the distribution center so we stopped there
So I'm just browsing and looking around when i see this super cute girl who is obviously there for the first time.  Buying the stuff she needs to wear to go to the temple for the first time. 
Jason is waiting in the car so of course I butt in :)
I say, Sooo, are you going on a mission?  and then I see her big diamond ring.
Nope, getting married.  And she asks if I'm going on a mission which I chuckle at, 
thank you girl for thinking I'm 20. 
And then I tell her what I like to wear and my favorites.
  (she kinda had a cranky salesperson, yes there can be cranky mormon salespeople, we ain't perfect)
and then I gave her a mini pep talk just cause I knew I never would see her again even though she was so cute I wished we could be friends.  She was telling me about how none of her family is Mormon and she is getting her wedding dress altered so its more modest and she doesn't really know what she is doing.   I said, "Don't worry, you will love it."  also I said, "Go many times in the beginning til you are comfortable"
 and she left. 

and then I got my salesperson which was not the cranky one,  but a very cute young tatooed girl
who was so helpful and gave me great tips and really got what i needed.  
and I was thought, i'm so glad we have a tattooed girl working in the temple distribution center that is so cool.  can't fit us mormons in a box.   we are not all the same.

the thought crossed my mind that maybe i needed to be at the temple that day 
just to talk to those people.  I wonder. 
the end. 


Lindsey said...

LOVE this post!! Soo good and true. You are awesome!! xo

Nancy Jo said...

Loved this post too and love the temple! That girl was lucky to have you to talk to.

Nancy Jo said...

Great picture!

RachelAA said...

I had chills through this entire post. Love it Brooke - I have always loved the way you can connect to people and make them feel comfortable and also share such a beautiful testimony of the Gospel. Such a great day.

Beth said...

Yes! What a cool post. I just had an interesting talk with my future SIL who is also going thru for the first time soon. Brings back so many memories and things I wish I'd know/glad I knew. I'm sure you were meant to be there. So helpful, especially to that young bride. I held onto every piece of advice like that when I went for the first time, being the only Mormon in my family, too. I bet she really appreciated that.

Mindy said...

You rock. :-)

Amberli said...

i like this story