Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mad Skillz

I cut Christie's hair!  She had been itching to do it and she let me!

I was a little nervous. 
I called my friend Mindee to ask for tips and we had a good laugh as she was trying to describe cutting cannot be explained on the phone!

Cutting Christie's hair has gotten me thinking that I need to practice more.
I do have four girls afterall and that is a lot of future haircuts
I started experimenting with the girls and I like it when
I'm not having anxiety over screwing it up
try try again, and I can get lots of practice.
plus kids are less of critics :)

Jason and I have had lots of conversations about what these last 8 months is supposed to be for us.
The gift of time is not to be taken for granted.
Jason has increased his already handy skills to even greater. 

He has had to learn how to fix the car himself before but he did it again. 
Special thanks to Matt for his coaching and finding parts

During the course of one week he fixed....

The dishwasher
the leaking refrigerator
 replaced and upgraded three outlets
fixed two busted dresser drawers
the sprinkler that my lawn mow ate when I was using it :)
new window screens 
garage door springs (can't open without them)
and the alternator for the car :

thats all I can remember right now but there were more.
We kept joking that maybe everything was breaking 
because once he is working he won't have time to fix it

either way we are grateful for this time.
it has felt like life bootcamp with 
high intensity lessons learned in a short amount of time
 but we can't put a price on realigning ourselves to the lord
to our family and our goals
and there have been some very down days
but we keep on getting up and our needs have been met

We even got to sneak off and see a movie late Friday nite
it was wonderful.  and the movie was great too (star trek 2!)


Nancy Jo said...

Christy's hair looks great! I didn't know Jason could be anymore handy - thought he could do it all - ALREADY! So impressed! Love your family! Can't wait to see you!!

Nathan said...

Way to go cutting Christy's hair. It looks awesome. Jason is HANDY!! That is amazing! xo

Mindy said...


sara said...

You are an amazing example sharing your family struggles with finding employment. It must be so discouraging and difficult at times, I admire your willingness to make the most of the experience and trying to stay positive.