Monday, June 3, 2013

Life is funny

Today was a take a bath at 11 am kind of day. Jason and I went on our first jog together since we were in college. I let him push the stroller. 

Went to the beach without kids on Saturday. It was a good reboot. And to have friends to listen to my crazy rambling and pyscho self analysis. 

Darby and I went to the activity days mother daughter hike. Love that we live near such beautiful places. 
And here are the cute group of girls Darby's age. 

Luke had electronics day at school since that's what his class voted on. But he has no electronics. No ds no iPod touch no game boy (are those still around?!) . Sooo he wanted to bring our iPad. Well Jason and I talked it over and were both like no way even with all his promises and begging. He was upset and felt like the only one but by the morning he was ok. Well he did try one more time that morning but resolved to take the board game risk and mille bornes (its French). 

And guess what? He wasn't the only one there were two other people who didn't bring electronics. And he got over it and played risk. 

I was pretty proud of him. And for not moaning forever about it although there were some tears initially.  He also fasted for the first time this Sunday all the way til dinner and that is quite hard (even when you are   34). He had such a sweet spirit all day because of it and was focused and tried. Cool to see your kids grow up. 

And on other note. He made a double decker sandwich as soon as he broke it. 

Paisley shared some of my secret stash of rocky road ice cream that night and was begging for the chocolate covered nuts in it. When she finally found one she said "I'm the luckiest girl in the world!"

The cute missionaries came over tonite for dinner and family home evening and boy do I love those elders. I can even see how one of them has grown since he has been here. They played basketball with my kids for a while since it was p day and were so good with them. I told Luke to remember he wants to be like that when he is on his mission. 


Sara Jane said...

The beach day sounds awesome. Good for Luke with the fasting and surviving without electronics :). I have a friend that always tells me how smart I am for no electronics and she has since taken away her kids' Ipods and DS and she said it's awesome because her kids will play board games now.

Jason has got some mad repairing skills. That's awesome what he has fixed. It's good that he has learned that he can do it and think of all the money he'll keep saving you guys in the future!

Beth said...

I love the photo of the diet coke and chocolate. :)

You guys are great parents and have such great kids, too. I'm a big fan of any-time-of-day baths. Gets things off your to-do list for later. :)

English Garden said...

So I wish I could have been at the beach day

Nathan said...

Love the bath pictures! The hike looks great. I always think the ocean is therapy. xo

Nancy Jo said...

How fun to have a bath mid day : ) Cutie pies! Beach sounds great! You look marvelous on hike! So proud of Darby for reading BOM!

Anne said...

Oooh, beach without kids sounds AMAZING!!!! I haven't done that since I had kids...going to have to soon though!