Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend update

Mormon prom was this weekend and so we saw Christie and Christiane all dressed up. I love seeing all the pics on FB of all the pretty dressed and how they have been word.

Had a spur or moment idea to camp out in backyard. I have been listening to these great parenting CDs by Gene r Cook again and he talks about doing stuff besides just watching movies which is our normal Friday nite traditional. Plus this is first free Saturday with no football. Jason slept in the house with ivy... Plus our tent can't fit us all. We froze. Even with all the blankets in the house. Should have slept with socks and sweatshirt and hat!! Despite it being 90 degrees in the day!
It was really fun but I think we were all a bit crabby the next day from lack of sleep, including me!

Saturday we went to in and out and missionaries ended up coming with up last minute. We got an anonymously in and out gift card with a sweet note and had a blast going there!!! We are spoiled! Thank you to whoever you are!

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