Monday, May 13, 2013

This day bombed

it started out bad and i was like a gerbil in that spinning thing trying hard to fight it but not getting anywhere.  went to bed too late and woke up tired and fighting off a throat/ear thing that won't go away (i'm blaming the nearly ten years of immune suppressing medication!!!)

first had a great old pity party for myself when i was about to go work out at free zumba and then looked out the window and realized I needed to mow the lawn myself.  why is it already 100 degrees?

thankfully my pity parties don't last too long and I remembered I don't mind to mow and even enjoy the accomplishment of it until I ate the heck out of sprinkler.

jason was not too fond of my mowing skills cause now he has to fix that.

but he was already fixing the dishwasher, the garage door, two outlets, the fridgerator thats leaking, the computer wifi....everything all breaking at once...oh such is life! 

but then we went to the bishops storehouse and I took my friend Roberta to get hers too.  really love that place and am so grateful but really don't want to go there anymore.  although will be happy to drive other people there.  Ivy fell alseep in the car despite my protesting which meant a looooong day with almost two year old with just a cat nap.  seriously the girl is like a tornado.  she dumped out two cups of water on the floor (where did she get it?), 3 cups of flour I had just gotten all over the kitchen, and tossed her dinner from the table at dinner...  and if she would have had it her way she would have destroyed more, but I was like on ninja guard.   and it was exhausting. good thing she is dang cute.

after school time went ok the usual wrestle over homework, chores and piano...luke was arguing with me for a solid bit that paisley is 2 not 3...and i'm like really kid?  i think i know i birthed her!  please someone tell me if this is what 10 year olds do, argue incessantly or just one related to me?

figured out dinner then had another colossal argument with luke (where I lost my temper very badly) over him not wanting to go to this tournament of Darbys at the school which was going to be our family home even cheering Darby along and we could never find out where it was held.  We went to the school, then back home to look for the flier, then texted some people to inquire, then back to the school, then to another school cross town, then driving around, than back to our school to triple luck.  she was so bummed.  it was this checkers-type game called Go she plays at recess and not all the kids at school do it so it was hard to find information.  but we didn't go to the tournament last year cause i didn't realize how important it was to her so were really wanted to this year.  signed the permission slip and everything.  boo hoo, epic fail. 

saved half an inch by mcdonalds ice creams on way home (but not for luke, still ticked at him)

where is the do-over button? 

this is classic post mothers day-next day life.  any time you type out that you aren't doing half bad job, then you are going to screw up royally...murphys law, karma, whatever.  tomorrow is another day to start fresh.  now excuse me, i have to go flush out my nostrils with saline...good times. 


RachelAA said...

Sending hugs :) You're not alone.

Amber said...

I can relate. You already heard abt my lovely afternoon. Can we rewind back to yesterday?

jana said...

Felt the same here. Mother's day was so good that the next day was tough. Such is this life :) Hopefully today is better!

jana said...

P.S. your blog is mocking me. It made me type in SHORT in big block letters before I could leave a comment!