Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello grandma!!

Just found out grandma checks out blog in Argentina everyday!!! So hello and we love you and miss you both. Wouldn't be so fun if we could visit you! Oh well this will have to do for another year! Not sure what time it is there but happy Friday. 

We took these pictures during breakfast of toast and chocolate milk and scripture reading. Breakfast of champions!

When I am down in the dumps I think of you and what a strong amazing woman you are an all the hard things you have survived, endured and keep on chugging!  Thanks for the pep talk you made me cry. Big hug from all of us. In heaven lets all live on the same street please. 


Beth said...

that's cute!

Garlan McCoy said...

Haha, when I read this I was wearing that exact same Puyallup fair shirt. Too funny.

Good taste bro!