Friday, April 19, 2013


I tried to do Target.  I tried.  I don't know what women can wear those swimsuits but not me.

Here is my number #1 swimsuit rule.  We don't want to see your stuff.  Keep em covered.  Its not attractive.  Your kids don't want to see you chest crack either, it grosses them out.  Leave it for the bedroom please.  Its really just a butt front anyway.

But this is sooo tricky!  Cause not much out there for the top heavy!!!!  (Brandon you should probably stop reading now, hopefully you did before this)

But I just saw the new limericki and I love.  I'm a sucker for stripes always.

and I still love the black belted one too. 

I like this one too.

I have never tried Albion but they look super cute!

This one is so cute too.  higher priced than limericki though.

Where have you found your swimsuit this year? 

Any good modest ones? 


Phillips Family said...

Just got this one from Limericki yesterday:

Limericki is always a hit for me.

Andrea said...

There are 2 places in Utah that are great, if you are looking for more options :)
They sell at Costco here and in AZ maybe CA sometimes in the summer, you could check their blog for where/when. Or just order online but they are pricy, but last a long time and i hear they strech or are good for pregnancy (maybe that doesn't matter now for you)

And this place, Hapari, depending on the tank, it could be modest, but I haven't bought anything here yet except bottoms/skirts so far, but I have friends that like it.

Yay for soon to be summer!

Nancy Jo said...

Butt crack in the front - hahahahaha, hadn't heard that.

English Garden said...

Ugh! that time of year again! this is when I realize I haven't done enough over the winter to get my butt in shape:) I got a divine modeste one from Costco last year also my nieces like Hapari. Good luck, you always look great.

Mindy said...

Dude. I hate swim suit shopping. I swear, they don't make swim suits to fit real people. I usually have to stick with the swim-team style suits and a pair of board shorts- soo attractive I know...

Beth said...

I agree w/ Mindy. I ordered lime ricky once and had to return them all bc it didn't fit right. But they're all so cute. UGH!!!! We should just all be lucky enough to get one custom made for our bodies.

Beth said...

I ordered one from Shabby Apple that I like, and just realized the tag says "Albion for Shabby Apple". Maybe I need to try Albion this year. Even though yes some are $$$