Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm so awesome

Have you ever ran over two things in one day? Well I have.

The first was a can of cream of chicken soup that had rolled under my car and busted with a big POP! And then I had to clean up all over my garage.

Awesome #1

Next in the same day I heard another POP as I was backing up and it was the cry of a now broke sippy cup that paisley dropped. Makes for a great exit leaving the house she says sarcastically. There is always panic whenever you hear a loud sound and a car.

Today I was reminded yet again that I'm not quite perfect yet as Jason has been mostly gone the last few days and I have lost my cool. So awesome I tell ya.

But did Luke really have to put a carrot in Baylie's drink at dinner two times? Really?!!

Anyway, there were lots of cute moments too, and we pulled it together by the end of the nite. Sure do love them.

I was a little freaking out today cause I was bringing someone dinner and didn't have all the food I wanted and was starting to go in pity party mode and nostalgic for our old life but then I got out of the house for a minute by myself (which I previously would have had to pay someone ten bucks an hour to do) and picked up a webelos book at Boy Scout office ... Anyway the point is I remembered I was really close to a Latin market ad so went inside and bought a load of produce to fill in the gaps in my pantry for only $8. Thats a deal!!! And I was so grateful for those Latin markets and middle eastern markets over the years who have helped me in a jam and then I remembered I had some money on a Visa card we had been given so I used that. And I didn't feel so bad and even a little normal. while I can be quite resourceful its also so nice just to have what you actually need sometimes. Or like Christie says, food fills the gaps of the heart ;)

Speaking of , we have been given many gift cards over the last six and a half months, some known givers and some unknown and it has touched me so deeply. I told Jason be warned if we ever get any money again I'm going to give it all away. Thankfully he feels the same.

Sara g, I finally used that McDonald's one you gave me. I was saving it for something super special. I took paisley and ivy by myself on a day I just had had it and couldn't figure out what else to do. So I consoled myself with a drink and fries watching them get contaminated on the play structure. It was so awesome and I thought of you and was like, this is just when Sara would have wanted me to use it on a day like today. So thank you. Your awesome too.


Nancy Jo said...

I personally think you are REALLY awesome! Hang in there. We love you! Things are going to change for the better real soon.

RachelAA said...

SO many recent posts I read and just nod in agreement all the way through. I feel ya, Brooke! You're doing a fabulous job. It never ceases to amaze me the times I think I'm not going to pull it off, there's a sweet tender mercy to fill in that gap. Thinking of you always - love ya.

Sara Jane said...

Brooke you are doing awesome--I'm glad you finally used the gift card and yes, it's to help feel "normal" so do "normal" things with it.

I miss Valley Produce and all those little random hole in the wall grocery stores. You'd think they were in SA, but no such luck.

Lindsey said...

I agree with Mom. This is the month. I feel it! Way to go bringing food to someone. Love you. xoxo Lindsey