Sunday, March 3, 2013

not much

hello my name is brooke, i got nothing to say but i have a chronic need to update my blog so bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. 

speaking of bla bla bla.., have you seen the movie hotel Transylvania?  we like it.  very cute. 

also caught some of American idol and dang it its not so bad.  the girl contestants are really good and the new judges aren't that annoying...keith urban is great! 

was in a crabby mood last few days (lucky family!!!).  still feeling not great but life doesn't stop. 

jason is seeing a chiropractor (Eddy!) for a disc in his back.  he says it is helping lots.  super weird when invincible jason is a little broken. maybe all that shoveling dirt caught up to him. 

I think luke has read 1,500 pages since Thursday, no lie.   I took them to the library thursday and haven't seen him out of a book since. ....oh wait, i lied.

he did play football on saturday and beat that team that had beaten them 44 to 0 on the first game.  We won 7 to 6 and this team has never been scored on before.  it was awesome.   Then we stayed and played the park and we ran into these old friends from Encino who we never ever see but I just had happened to call the night strange is that? 

The girls let me curl their hair for church this morning.  Baylie only said if I could make her look like Corinne in Barbie three musketteers...nailed it! 

and I force ably (not really, maybe just coerced?) cut luke's hair yesterday and he even conceded it looked much better after.  Burn!  told ya kid. 

somehow all the kids were in bed by 7:30 p.m.  high five to jason and I , woot woot.  okay, so do i read, watch tv or just eat candy?  hmmmmm....decisions decisions. 


Beth said...

watch tv and eat candy. then read.

and i agree AI isn't quite as bad as i thought. i could probably still do without Nikki Minaj... but even she has not too bad moments. love keith urban too. it's one i can watch w/ audrey so i like that. even though she only likes the girls.

glad you're healthy.

English Garden said...

I say read but thats only because I haven't much time for that lately, and I think I've been in a funk lately too, trying not to be too crabby though. I only caught a little of one AI episode while I was at the gym one evening, music is always fun when your working out. Hope Jason's back feels better.