Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick commentary

I'm back from the dead.  holy crap that was a nasty bug.

can't remember being so sick, maybe when we all had the barfcapades at lindsey's house?
or when I was pregnant?

seriously I was out of it, good thing Jason was home cause I don't even know what the kids wore to school although I have a vague memory of baylie wearing bright red tights with a pink skirt?

bottom line is I've decided I would be a terrible cancer patient.  that would suck.
you just watch your house be destroyed and don't have energy to stop it or clean up.
jason was on a keep the kids alive mission and he did it.

but dang, i felt terrible.

which is why, once I turned a corner about 5 p.m. tonite and then never was so happy to give baths, do laundry and put kids to bed, I said to Jason.  hey hon, did ya see those pictures I put on our blog? he hadn't. 

and we were DYING LAUGHING.  like I couldn't stop coughing laughing.  oh man, crazy stuff you do when you are sick and loopy.  Jason did say he is going to make that top picture his screensaver of me when I call.  awesome.  he did marry a beauty.  okay, now I'll go find some pictures to slap on here so I don't have to keep seeing my ugly mug :)

I'm very grateful for healthy bodies :)


Nancy Jo said...

Sooo glad you are feeling a little better too!!

Mindy said...

Welcome back to life. We're glad you're with us again! ;-)