Monday, February 11, 2013

Keep trucking

Lately Jason and I have been coming up with a catch phrase... Unemployment: great perks, lousy pay. Totally fits.

Jason was released from being ym president and he was bummed (volunteer youth minister for boys 12 to 17 translation for all you non MoMos)

The kids have a five day weekend coming up.

Time and a season for everything. My season lately is how fast can I get in cozy pjs and socks a soon as the kids are on bed.

Thank you Laurie for telling me to get some hot chocolate, cause it has been cooooold!!!

This picture is Luke and his buddy Owen.  We had an impromptu day of play when we ran into than visiting another church for a missionary farewell (Shout out to Alyssa!  Minnesota!!!) The first hour they great comics in silence.  Then they played with nerf guns, then they played pig.  Then Owen went to our church with us were he was my best singer for music time.  That Owen is a keeper.


brandon said...

cute. enjoyed talking with you alvhild was saying she wasn't meaning to let you go

Nancy Jo said...

Really cute pic of Ivy - she looks so old! I like Luke's bed that way! Jason is such a great dad!