Monday, December 10, 2012

The Christmas Freakout

It happens every year although this year I thought I'd muzzled the urge well.

Last night I had my first Christmas freakout!

Lucky Jason :)

I ended up just putting myself to bed after I read my scriptures extra long (more than two minutes) cause I knew my frustrations just needed some sleep.  

This season I have had to let much go that I love but are not necessities...making mom's toffee, sending out Christmas cards, severely cramping the Christmas budget, and canceling the homemade Christmas party to sighs of relief and sadness to my women super crafty friends.

BUT THERE IS STILL A BUNCH TO DO!  My house looks like a tornado, I haven't hung any Christmas lights (yes I have done it the last few years, how the heck did that happen?), and I still need to figure out presents for loved ones and even out and organizing the five children's wish lists!  Thank goodness there is Santa!  Oh yes, and since I am the room mom (a sub par one but at least willing) to TWO KIDS classes I am sending out a note for a gift collection for the teacher even though I was seriously wondering if $3 was too scrooge-y to give towards Darby's teacher...wouldn't she rather have Paparazzi anyway?  What am I thinking, its been so long since they send the flier home they probably think I lost it!

THANKFULLY, lots of that makes CHRISTMAS magical is free and easy.  We have awesome Christmas lights by our house.  One in our neighborhood does an extravagant light show to music with like 20 different songs and another in the next neighborhood has a whole animatronics setup with a singing dancing Santa and fake snow.  Plus we have already since the lights at the LA temple and want to go to the Americana.

I need to stop typing cause its 6:40 a.m. and my hand is turning numb, STRANGE BODY!
plus my kids will be awake and I should probably get to my list.

My friend Becky is taking our Christmas picture but I haven't a smidge of an idea what we will wear and it must all be found in our existing wardrobes.  Better figure it out before 4 p.m...think my hair will do itself cause I need a cut!

Don't worry we have watched lots of Christmas movies and song lots of carols.  Still need to squeeze in Home Alone,....hand really numb now, gotta go. 


RachelAA said...

I hear ya Brooke, I know those freak outs all too well. I'm sorry but you're a rock star and I know you'll make it one of the best ever. And your hair will be dashing - have fun!

Jenn said...

Just let everyone in the class get whatever they want for the teacher!! I don't even think we have a room mom. Good luck with pictures..our photographer was our tripod! ;)

English Garden said...

That picture of (is it Ivy?) in front of the stove with her little belly sticking out is too cute. I have the Christmas freak out too, I have been stashing stuff for a while but need to go through it and make sure its even.

embot said...

you. are. superwoman.

Beth said...

we should combine efforts and make toffee together. !!! i understand the freak out !!! oh what we would do w/ endless amounts of $$$. the spirit is most important and it will come thru. you are amazing. you seriously help and inspire me weekly! :)

Lindsey said...

I'm with Beth. Lets make toffee together.