Saturday, December 1, 2012

take that $2.49!

I paid the $2 to be able to pictures.  Which is saying a lot since I haven't spent $2 in a long time.
But i love my blog.  This week about killed me, so I paid the quick money, but once I regroup I'm switching to wordpress. 

So enjoy a thousand pictures from us.
Luke wanted this pictures on it.
This week he came home from school and was tore up.  TORE UP!
He fell on the blacktop running full force, when he was accidently pushed. 
Elbow, shoulder, both knees, palms, wrist, and belly. 
 I couldn't believe it, and was like, What the heck did you do at school!!!!
He is a tough kid.  (its a family trait)

Fall is finally here, right in time for Christmas.  So I put my girls to work (ya right they did this themselves).  And then jumped in the leaves. 

 Megan arranged a photo shoot during piano lessons.  Very cute

This picture is from the AR breakfast at school.  Love that all our friends made it to.  Those horses in the background can you see the green wall?  it said..AR reading is magical.  Perfectly elementary school for ya.

 I loved his candid picture.  Luke with the boys playing ball and Baylie being a kindergartener.  My kids are getting old.

And here is Darby with her great friend Ashlynn, love that girl.  And she is getting baptized soon!  She will be 8 next week.

 And a little dress up for ya.  Like paisley's sweet hair?

 This is girls daddy wrestling time.  We love seeing our dad more.

And Luke with his new BYU jersey from my uncle Rick...the super fan.  Serious.  I love it cause there are too many Ute fans in the family! 

Life is good.  We are making it.  The church is true.  I have a good feeling about our future even though we don't have any bites.  This might be my favorite Christmas ever.  Sparse on presents but huge on the tangible love I feel from my Savior.


christy said...

So this fee thing hasn't happened to me and I read it's all about the file size of each pic so if it's loaded on your blog resized it doesn't count towards your storage. Someone also mentioned that google+ resizes it automatically? I don't know what computer and such you use but I use my iMac and iPhoto and load pics from there but I am always logged into google+ when I'm on blogger so maybe that's compressing my pics for me cuz I have a fancy Canon SLR that takes huge file pics and I'm not compressing them, it just happens.

RachelAA said...

I just paid mine, too, so I need to catch up :( But I'm interested at your conversion story - so share when that happens and how. I'm intrigued.

Mindy said...

You can have 10 blog authors per blog, and each author's Google account gets a certain memory space on the Google server. When I ran out of space, I used my husband's account and my old Google account and just opened up a 4th account. (I'm going to print my old posts and then delete them soon so I con't have to keep opening more accounts)... That's the ghetto (FREE!) way to get around that...

Laurie Nguyen said...

Glad you paid the $2.49! I love seeing your pictures and reading your blog. :)

English Garden said...

I'm sure you won't regret the $2.49, especially because you are so great at your blog. So really no bites at all??? Eric and Kate went fishing this morning but they didn't et any either

christy said...

my husband says that I chose medium resolution when I set up my blog and thats why they all get compressed and I don't run out of memory. who knows? I don't remember.

christy said...

I spoke too soon! I now have to pay as well, unless my hubby can figure out a trick to get by it. grrr