Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Everyone loves Nana and Grandpa!

My parents got here Saturday nite, Roll Tide, and we visited the LA temple Christmas lights Sunday night.  I love it even though it felt like a whirlwind.  So if you live in LA, you should go and I will go with you and bring hot chocolate and so call me.  We could even go two more times really. 

 I like to torture my children by forcing them to where Santa hats claiming that it helps me keep track of them (which it does very much) but really I just like Santa hat wearing.  When else can you do this but once a year?  

Ivy loved Grandpa.  She cried when he left the room.  She was his bud.  His bud immediately which doesn't happen often with little people, usually they have to warm up to you. 

We packed a lot into three days.  Here is Ivy at Souplantation where she entertained us which her bear growl.  She is funny.

Luke being cool with his old friends who he has known since babies.  This is a very weird thing for me since I grew up always moving so never had friends who I knew as babies.  Its cool.

Nana and Grandpa with the McCoy 5!
Thanks for spoiling us.  We love you.   Glad we can see them Saturday at Dallas's baptism!


Beth said...

Yes! We will go again, too. I told Adam we need to go with him. And my kids wanna go back for visitors center too. :)

Beth said...

ps - why does it make me happy that you went to souplantation!!

brandon said...