Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kid Stuff

Went to the library last nite.  brought mostly big kids
 (okay just left one at home, next time it will be two!)  It was great.  
I didn't even sweat and even ran into my friend April with her two boys.

Got 4 of mo willems books.  Love them. 
This book in particular, so witty and funny and loved it.
Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs.

My friend Mindy started a blog called Squarehead Teachers
She is a teacher, currently looking for work and subbing in the meantime.
Anyway, point is she said on her blog that if you read for 20 min
every nite with your kids its like 60 days more in school. 
but if you read 5 minutes a nite its like 14 (or maybe it was 12, i forgot)
more days in school. 
Well, here is to stepping up our reading.
Cause I enjoy a good picture book too.

oh yes
many days we read a ton
and sometimes I go weeks
and weeks (shh...don't tell Mindy)
and we don't crack open a book (together at least)
(besides morning scripture reading over breakfast)
but i let my kids stay up late if they are reading in their beds
and recently i've started that they have to read their scriptures first.
 at least a little bit.
now here's to remembering to turn that mo willems book back
to the library on time.  i've learned the library is not always free :)


Beth said...

I always put that library receipt w/ the due dates on it ON my fridge where I have to see it everyday so I don't forget. Also so I don't forget how many books we checked out, since it's always a ton.

brandon said...

don't forget when kids turn 8-12 books become as influencing as tv and just as equally negative at some point. like putting a tv or maybe a computer in their room to not monitor reading

Mindy said...

Yes, let's not tell me... ;-) I was astounded when I read all the math behind reading 20 minutes a day. It totally adds up! And yes, you most definitely need to monitor what your kids read. Thanks again for the shout out, Brooke!