Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Posing with Produce

We are picking from our garden everyday now.  The cucumbers have died down but now there are lots of tomatoes!  Anyone want some tomatoes?

And what do we do with our plentiful produce? 


make squash slings to swing around. 

RIP squash.  You were tasty. With butter and salt.  

The bees have been loving our sunflowers!  Some have made it to the table. 

 And our watermelon was good!  Sweet even!  We got two from one plant, bowling ball size.  The kids didn't know what the seeds were!  What a different era they are growing up in.  But I was particularly proud of it since it takes forever and didn't know when it should be picked!

And our heirloom tomatoes are huge and crazy looking just the way I like them.  What to do with all these tomatoes though?

Why take strange pictures with them of course!

Below is me channeling, "My precious.."   totally did it haggard at the end of the day to get the full golem effect.  

But dude, I'm thinking me and Luke are looking alike!  lucky him ;)  doesn't every boy want to look like their mother?

let it be noted that I get lots of satisfaction and entertainment out of our garden. 


Beth said...

The tomatoes you gave me were delish and I love, love your garden. You know where to unload if you have extra veggies. ;)

Good for you for growing your own.

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

Pacen was looking at the picture of the tomato you and luke were holding and he asked, "Is that an apple pumpkin?" Sort of does look like it if you think about it.

Sara Jane said...

I'm jealous of your garden. We couldn't even get a regular tomato to grow in our garden and look at all that beauty.

Traci said...

I love the Paisley pictures...she is soo cute!