Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Summer Summer Summer

 Sooo, Jason just got back from scout camp, he didn't stay all week.  What did we do?  Went to the chuck e cheese, beach, got 3 movies from redbox, bought a bunch of ice cream, stayed up late, had a sleepover in moms room (which they looooooooved), and what else?  Missed dad. 

We've had tons of fun this week.  Had a few meltdowns, but still trucking.  I hope these kids remember all this fun we are having.  

Dear California, your nite to have a big earthquake was last nite.  You didn't do it, so you will have to wait until next convenient for me, thanks so much.  It will only work when they are all sleeping in the same room with me so....

Our loot for the day. 

Note to self.  Spread out tomatoes farther (even more farther than you think) and don't plant corn in 2013!  those squash plants are sure prickly. 

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