Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thank You

Thank you pants and skivvies for drying so quickly after I jumped in the pool to save a drowning Paisley.  Its 9:45 p.m and I'm still wearing them even though it was many hours ago.

Thank you Paisley for pooping just once on our friends patio and not in the pool and then getting out the other 2 (or was it 3?, its all the runny blur) times to run to the toilet to finish it off.

Thank you bathroom guy for putting in pretty baseboards so that I could breathe deeply that his project will be finished soon.

Thank you magic not smart phone that took a dunking in the pool in my pocket (and my clicker and keys too) and kept working right away.

Thank you shade shirt for looking enough like a regular shirt so I could wear you alone after I got Paisley poop on my real shirt.  and you swim beautifully too.

Thank you for the other fun things we did today that made me not lose my marbles.

Thank you Home Goods for being an awesome store and giving me so much eye candy to look at tonite when I ran out of my house as soon as Jason got home and took over.

Thank you brownies for giving me emotional comfort when the day was slipping through my fingers (or out Paisley's swimsuit) and reminding me that chocolate can fix lots of things.

Thank you TV for entertaining my kids the last few minutes of the day before Jason got home.

Thank you sloppy joes for being so easy to make and desirable to young children and adults.  

Thank you backyard for being the new dinner location, we might never eat inside again.

Thank you kids piano teacher (Karen!) who lovingly overlooked that my kids hadn't practiced at all and still taught them and encouraged them anyway.

Thank you cool mini van to taking me to all the places today when I needed to get out of my house.

Thank you body for lasting nearly 4 weeks without a nap due to bathroom guy in our house, I'm proud of you, I didn't think you'd make it.

Thank you friend who didn't kick me out for all the poop at her house.

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Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

Thank you for all your posts. You always make me laugh.