Monday, May 14, 2012

Love Our KIDS

Soo....what was mothers day like for this mom of five?  It was nice.  It was crazy.  
The best parts were the picnic dinner outside and taking pictures, which is quite tricky.  Also, the awesome nap I got, until I realized Jason napped too and so that left our kids to their own devices and I found a bottle of clorox with bleach cleaner empty outside with about four rags and ten used paper towels littering outside...kind of one of those don't want to even ask moments...

Mother's day is notoriously a rotten day.  Fits, tantrums, crying (ya maybe I shouldn't have let them stay up to 9:30 the night before), because we still went to church at 9 a.m. and thats always a bit hairy to pull off.  But there were some super sweet moments and I might have finally lowered my expectations far enough that it couldn't be ruined (especially if you are expecting ruination right?).

So yes the dishes didn't get done and I made sandwiches for dinner and I returned all the presents Jason got me cause we need to buy an iPad cover instead (but was very proud of him for getting me presents and wrapping them) and criticized his card which did not tell me that I was a great mom.

Cause really, thats all I want to hear.  Reassurance.  That I'm doing a great job.  Cause motherhood is my life.  I love it.  It has changed me.  Each year even more so.  I feel lucky to witness the birth and growth of these special peoples lives.  Thankfully I know I am doing a great job.  I know it.  I'm not perfect (just ask Darby about the fit I threw on Saturday when she made a hole in her wall from hanging on a plastic hook in her room), but  you won't find a bigger cheerleader (oh man, I could make fun of that line in so many ways) for motherhood than me.  Especially the way I do motherhood.

Motherhood rocks.   I know that these sweet wrestling with the kids on the grass trying to make a pyramid are fleeting...although I sure hope I can perfect it when they are older, that might be our Christmas card one year.  But I'm trying my hardest not to miss the moments. are cool.  I love love love all my treasures and notes and homemade gifts.  They are the best part (close second is my awesome pesto turkey grilled cheese sandwich that I made and the truffle they handed out at church).  Thanks for making me feel special.  Jason, thanks for carrying more weight yesterday and lightening my load.  I felt the love.

and I was especially thinking of my mom and Jason's mom and their legacy of motherhood.

and my grandmothers who are watching down from heaven cheering me on. 

and the grandmothers who we don't get to see but love

and my daughters who will be great mothers one day

p.s.  when is Darby ever going to get her front two teeth?  They have been gone since December.


RachelAA said...

Ha such a great post. And I love the dog pile and the train picture. So much love!

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures!!! I think you are a terrific mom!