Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paisley Pizza and dang lost keys

My girls love to help with homemade pizza.  It is a win win.  Kids helping with dinner means you know where they are and are occupied.  Plus i'd like to hope I'm making little chefs myself.   Baylie helped too even though she asked me if we could never have pizza again.

There is roach in the soup analogy I have heard at church.... in referencing R rated movies usually.  The idea being if one part of the movie is bad, do you still see the rest (no I have it edited at cleanflicks thanks!) like would you just pick a roach out of the soup and keep eating it?
Well no you wouldn't.  That is unless you were me.  I might eat it.  

Not really.  But everyday there are roaches all day long that I just have to pick out and just keep trucking.  Maybe we should use ice cream or chocolate cake instead, cause soup isn't that compelling to keep eating with a roach.  Like for example, Luke one time stepped in my texas sheet cake when we were taking over to a house for dinner (it was for dessert, not dinner, but hey thats an idea).  And we just ate around that big foot print and I think Luke even ended up eating the footprint part too. 

  I like hygiene, I really do.  As a mom of lots of kids I have to wash heads and clean always to contain germs, but lots just gets counted as 'building up our immune system"

How this day has gone...its not quite 11 a.m.

Woke up on my own at 5:52 a.m.  well rested and decided to plan my day and read scriptures. This is a miracle.  Snuggled with Paisley when she woke up. 

Jason went running, did pull ups and went to lowes.

took a shower in my new shower and tried to ignore all the tools still in it.  Its really close and I really love it.

Made two lunches.  Made toast for breakfast. 
Loaded dishwasher.  Started load of laundry. 
woke up kids, asked Jason to fix key on piano that keeps breaking.
freaked out that the kids didn't practice (broken key and holiday) and today is there practice.
take all stuff off piano, Jason fixes key.  put stuff back.  not quite working, stuff off, finally kids. 
kids practice piano for a few minutes each. 
baylie showers and get dresses without a fuss and helped out with all the piano stuff and put it back without being asked.  
 clean out car from beach stuff yesterday and put strollers back in.
unload and load another load of wash.
get snacks and stuff ready to take the car in to get brakes fixes.
look up recipe and put together ingredients for crockpot chicken chili.
kids all dresses and ready, backpacks ready. 
luke took out trash.
Luke showed me wound he got from the beach yesterday, from his pants bless him!
Darby located homework, I checked to make sure it was done.
Gave Darby a side ponytail.
Did other three girls hair.
change ivys diaper, give her a bottle.
make protein shake for me
 kids go to school and Jason goes to work
get ivy dressed
 tell girls plan about going to get the brakes fixed while we hang out at mcdonalds
 kids say hooray and get in the car.  seatbelts buckled. 

realize that I can't find my keys. 
look everywhere. 
freak out and call jason.
look again.
call jason again. 
get kids out of car.
mourn the missed appointment and my keys.
think about all the stuff I can't go do today. 
wonder how i'm going to pick up kids from school.
wonder where the heck i saw them last and why i can get so much done and yet not know where my keys are, the most used thing in my house besides my cell phone. 
start cleaning more stuff.
baylie cleans microwave.
kids eat cheese and paisley unwraps 3 more when i'm not looking and tosses them on the floor.
change ivys poopy.
take out trash and sweep up crap.
discover that dinner never got cleaned up outside from last nite. toss most of it.  oops.
walk past piles of dishes in sink.
oh yes, said a bunch of prayers about my keys
organize some stuff in my pantry.
put ivy down for a nap.
drink coke zero (baylie got it for me to be nice)
clean more stuff.  get out legos for girls.
still looking for keys....

Soooo.... roaches come up all the time.  in fact, yesterday I unloaded my washer, put the clothes in the dryer and as I was going to load it again, I saw a big squirmy one in my washer (where my hand had been grabbing).   Whatever, just grabbed a paper towel, killed it and kept working. 

who is this woman I have become?
who knew resilience was so important? 

so would i eat a soup with a roach?  sure.  There are still plenty of good stuff left.  (we are talking life not movies) If I had slaved all day making it I would.  Maybe after I cursed and pounded my head a bit I would...Maybe i'd toast it up, crush it and use it as a garnish.  Cause there are roaches all up in my day, every day.  I cannot be rid of them, but I can kill them and get on with the day. 

There was still good things this morning, totally productive (just wished I realized they were lost earlier so I could have gotten jason's copy), no fighting, jason read scriptures during breakfast, didn't get woken up last nite, everyone helped out and started on the right note, ya know ...before it nosed d dived with the missing keys part.  But what do you do?  just make it a stay home day and get stuff done. even if i'm still ticked off they are lost.

ps.  I still do not see rated R movies (at least I don't 97 percent of the time :)

in case you are wondering, we finally did see that Chris Ranson.  It was long time coming.  He was great, the kids mauled him.  Ivy and him were introduced and she's a fan.  Now don't be a stranger ya hear me?

now there goes 30 minutes that I could have been cleaning something or looking for those blasted keys, but hey this was a little bit of therapy.  dumb keys 

now what to make for lunch?


Phillips Family said...

Oh Brooke PLEASE don't eat soup that a roach has been in. Total Roach breath... no one wants that. No but seriously, as your friend, i am advising you NOT to do that. EWWW.

Phillips Family said...

PS. I do love that analogy!