Sunday, April 8, 2012

LA Zoo

We conquered spring break. We killed spring break. We mutilated the fun out of spring break...and now I'm wiped out. Seriously, just bombed. Tomorrow I'll worry about shoveling up my house.

Here is the recap.

Zoo, swimming, beach, six flags, birthday, kick ball, movie nite, put in garden, birthday party, oh ya, and EASTER! I felt like zombie lady going to church today but we pulled it together and everyone looked darling if I do say so myself.

Here are the pics from a zoo. We went with some of party loving families. It was full throttle all week and man I must be getting old cause its tiring having so much fun!

Friday Jason unexpected got off work and so we put in the garden. Starting to realize each year will have its own personality as in I put in slightly different plants than last year...peter pan squash, watermelon, cucumbers and every kind of color tomato but plain red. Should be fun hope everything grows!

We love the LA Zoo, been coming to it for a while now and it has a fond place in my heart. Plus had to go see the new snake exhibit.

Here are some other cute and tough mamas, Becky, Michalle and Lauren!

Today is Easter. Tomorrow is the first day back from school after spring break. Oh man its gonna be a rough morning. My house looks like a Easter Bunny bonanza and not cleaned up from Baylie's party. We ate dinner and Lindsey's tonite and I'm so grateful they live close again.

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