Sunday, February 26, 2012

Evans Party in Palm Springs

Soooooo....I should be vacuuming my floor before my brother and Avi comes over, but wanted to post this pictures instead. We played hooky this week and never went back to school after Presidents Day. My dad had a conference in Palm Springs and we decided to all meet together because Brandon's crazy schedule could and have the first Evans Reunion Ever. It was great. We took turns making meals and when do I get to do that with my sisters? Courtney made her buttermilk syrup (awesome sauce) and we ate well.

And just totally to up the excitement Brandon decided to propose the week before so the girlfriend he was bringing before magically morphed into the fiancé and future sister in law and aunt that he was now bringing. How cool is that. The babies have officially been dethroned, Avi is the new family celebrity. ("I have to find my necklace so I can show Avi when she comes over" Baylie). They didn't arrive til later on Friday and we left on Saturday, they've been with Lindsey and now its Sunday and we waiting for them to come here for a few hours before they have to go back to Alabama. She fits in so well and was feeding and holding babies and letting all the kids talk to hug on her. Its so great to see them together and Brandon has been waiting for the perfect special girl for him and I'm so glad he found her. Why do our visits have to be short and rushed? Its too bad, but we will take what we can get.

For the rest of us though, (minus a brake mishap with the Haynies) this was a refreshing vacation. A real vacation. Not at anyone's home so we all had nothing we had to do. I can't even believe it. We never do this kind of stuff, sleep in a big house together and hang out doing nothing. It was wonderful. Wonderful. I can't say enough. I miss my family. I love my family and we are never all together. Never. Like go multiple years being all together and this time we were all together for less than 24 hours but it was still wonderful. Someone hand me a tissue.

Somehow I even randomly found one of my favorite movies Lagaan (a famous Indian movie with subtitles) that I convinced the kids they would like (mine have already seen it of course) and they were hooked (its like 4 hrs!) while I sort of narrated what was happening since most couldn't read.

Oh yes, and I have a new camera (and got a lesson from Nathan which annoyed everyone cause it was in the middle of Settlers and then I was annoyed that they were annoyed but I swear that was the only crabbiness of the whole they all kept putting the dang robber on my number every stinking time! ) and so I took a million pictures and was all obnoxious (what me?) and telling them how much I was going to charge them for this awesome photos of themselves and I don't mean to brag, but they are a good looking bunch.

My sister is going to really hate that her photo is next so look quick before she makes me take it off.

Oh yes, and it was my mom's birthday, who besides Avi, all the most popular person in our family. Everyone loves Nana. (Everyone loves Brandon too, Baylie told me he was her favorite cousin and I said, he's not your cousin, he's your uncle and she said she didn't care). The last time I was with my mom on her birthday was six years ago I think.

Side Note: I've been talking to my girls lately about being pretty on the inside as well as the outside and what that means. While I think I have the prettiest sisters, I truly think they are even more gorgeous on the inside and I'm lucky to say that.

Lo and Court, your welcome for your new Facebook profiles ;)

Big sisters holding little sisters.

Oh yes and we rode in they gondola that was in Park City and played in the snow. The kids were freaking out about it even though they weren't in snow stuff and snow is cold. (See Courtney's snow shoes below...we thought its as pretty funny)

This thing was packed and was quite speedy with some roller coaster dips. But we were squished in and no body was letting the kids see out the window rude people come on they are like 2 ft tall! But those sneaky kids just wedged their way in the front...oh yes and it spanned the whole way up to 10,000 feet.

Babies of 2011

Pool pictures to come. One thing us Evans know how to do, its swim in a pool and sit in a jacuzzi. One of my top favorite things to do. Oh yes and the pool was nice and warm like 90 was awesome. Mental note for when I go back to reality tomorrow...go buy more sunblock. And if your mom and siblings live near you, please go hug them again, for me.


Sara Jane said...

Awesome pics! Your trip looks like so much fun. That's so exciting for you brother. What camera did you get?

Crazy Lady said...

Canon Rebel T2i.

christy said...
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christy said...

Fun! So happy for Brandon!

Phillips Family said...

Looks like a blast! You have one goodlooking fam! Congrats to your brother!

RachelAA said...

That is SO exciting!