Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bad and the Good

So what do you do when the day is plopping in the toilet? Or you are overwhelmed or exhausted or stressed or frustrated? Well, I do a number of things, but today it was laying on my couch with a blanket after making myself some food. Check out time. I shhhed the kids whenever they came to ask me something (2 were sleeping). Hibernating on my couch in a trance totally worked. Nothing is cleaned still but now I can mentally be present again.

Sometimes I just have to ignore the piles of crap or lists of things to do and just sit down and do nothing.

In the last 24 hours I have heard so many incredible bad stories and then some amazing uplifting good stories. How can they be co-existing on the same planet? Terrible awful, and wonderful happy. I am one who thinks there is still lots of good to be had, lots of miracles to be seen, and love and forgiveness still. But seriously their is still a lot of garbage and hard times in the world.

I am not perfect yet and I appreciate all my friends and family who overlook my flaws and still want to hang out with me. Thanks, I still need you. I'm feeling especially spotted lately I guess.

Here is my hot tip of the day...Don't tell your kids you are going to take them to Chuck E Cheese with their friends and then not take them. Cause thats what we did today (due to Darby "barfing" at school....she's alarmingly well when I picked her up early) and there were lots and lots of tears. Oh man. They did not care what Darby did, they still wanted to go.

And I have big plans for mom was so good and making big deals of holidays and stuff. Since Ivy is sleeping, I've been working out, I'm feeling like I'm more than just surviving. So the house is now decorated with crepe paper (or large pink snakes), and I'm planning on making pink crepes for Valentines morning. With an array of whipped cream, mini chocolate chips, nutella, bananas, and jam.

Plus there is an adult dance my church is putting on with a live band Friday fun is that? I'm sure to look so dope on the dance floor (wink wink).


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Oh yeah, super excited for the dance! Woot, woot!!! By the way, you are super awesome!