Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm Dying about these pictures

I'm dying about these armpits. I love them. Actually there are five pairs of armpits I could smell, although Luke's days are numbered.

Lately I've been reading my blog books. Man they are gold mind. Who knew I'd forgotten years of my life. But its good to know, we did stuff. And can I just say that I sound just as frustrated and frazzled having three kids as I do now (note to earlier self, you moaned too much). Wait, what if my future ten year later self would say that to me now? Ahhh crap, is that how life works? But seriously, each kid was a new adjustment and more work (a fantastic awesome one you totally rad kid who can now read my blog book now! Go do your homework and read your scriptures and go clean something already...and don't forget to tell me how pretty your mom is!)

Which strikes me to another dilemma. Luke can read my blog books now. LUKE CAN READ MY BLOG BOOKS NOW. Wait, I didn't really think this through...I'm very transparent. Crap, is that gonna bite me in the batootie now too? Hopefully not. I put some good stuff in there too all those years too right?

But really, what I want for my kids is to go into life, adulthood, marriage, parenthood, with their eyes wide open....and still choose it. Because it is the better life, in my humble opinion. But I want them to know, that they are going to have to scrub their fair share of toilet and floors (wait, maybe I haven't done that lately) and clean up a fair amount of poop and pee (ok that more familiar) and still choose it. Is that gonna work? Or am I telling them too much? Is ignorance bliss? Maybe a little bit.

But I also want them to be able to cook (yes even Luke), bake bread, can some jam, know how to bargain shop, appreciate the movies (hello! Lord of the rings!) and broadway (Wicket, Les Miserables), basic sewing, get a job, move the lawn, grow a garden, read all the Harry Potter books, and do their own laundry all well before they leave me too so better get cracking. (Ya hear that kids? So turn off the tv already! And help me in the kitchen!)

Ok, now this is way too deep for a Monday , so let me just unveil the rest of the most awesome pictures ever. And by the way, I've worked out, drank some diet coke and then went to Mcdonalds (for visiting teaching in my defense) and came home and ate mint brownies...I'm a dang contradiction! Oh great. Okay, well, how bout I hop off this computer and start with a shower. Ivy is sleeping and Baylie and Ivy are watching Tangled. Love that movie.

Here is Ivy's first time in a princess dress. Her world will forever be changed....da dun dunnnnnn.

Is it so vain to think your kids are adorable? I'm thinking it pretty healthy actually. Especially if you are the parent or grandparent. Complete frustration and completely in love bouncing back and forth throughout the day....oh man, maybe I'm like bipolar parenting?

can I get a woot woot? ps. potty training and the runs are my least favorite combo. Cold shiver thinking about the messes this week.


Boo Yah, look whose CRAWLING! Ivy called me and told me she wants to be all old now.

Peace out.


Mommy said...

My goodness, Darby and Ivy really are twins (separated by a few years...)!!! Love the crawling pic!

Beth said...

awwww...ivy reminds me of audrey when she was itty. great to see you saturday!

gay said...

love the dimple shots. not loving the lists of everything we want to teach our never ends!

Tanya said...

so cute, they are awesome pics!! I love the princess dresses, lol...

Nancy Jo said...

I can't believe Ivy is in princess dresses already! Too funny! Love all the pictures - especially of Ivy crawling! By the way- I think you are a terrific mom!

Lindsey said...

cute pictures!! Way to go Ivy for crawling and Paisley for potty training and props to you for cleaning up the runs.

bro said...

Yeah your kids are way cute. Never seen p in a dress before princess cute. Ivy cute. Makes me worry less about possible future my kids not being cute

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

I can't believe she is crawling!!! Love the pics - especially those armpits. Miss you guys :)