Monday, January 23, 2012

Awesome Faces

Dear Sharla, Spencer, Darek, Garlan, Brandon, Marschell, and Erin...this picture is for you.

Cause if there is one thing I love about the McCoy siblings, is there awesome ability to make fun of a picture. Or make fun of anything really. Nothing gives me more joy some days than to read their bashing emails back and forth or commentary on the latest Youtube crazy video. Sooo funny those McCoys siblings. Soo witty and cutting. Its how they bond living in different states and it works for them. Big hugs to you my wonderful siblings in law, I'd like ya even if I wasn't married to your brother (the best looking one I might add although these pictures suggest otherwise). Special thanks for marrying such awesome spouses! Its a cool club I tell ya!

Jason's face in this one and the one below are quite awesome. As well as his badly needing a haircut blowing in the wind. Is it a bob or a mullet? Please click on it to get the full enlarged effect.

I love Paisley's face in this one...she just spotted me. This picture shows 4 out of 5 children. Not bad. Ivy will be chasing them soon enough. She officially put 3 polly pocket shoes and 1 bead in her mouth...all at different times. Those dang polly pocket shoes are sneaky and small.

Now this girl. Ivy Lou. We are all in love with her. Truly.
Ah girly, even if I stink at putting you to bed and can't do it like your daddy does, I love every bit of your pudgy self. We all do. Thank you for coming to our family.

Is it so sad that I love this crazy squinty picture of you? Ah so funny.

This toothy one with your eyelashes is my favorite. And yes the verdict is she looks exactly like her big sister Darby. Exactly.

I think it looks like I have the whomping willow in my backyard. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, run, run and read all seven of the Harry Potter series. As long as you are older than Luke, he needs to wait to read book 4 still.

Darby up close. Her toothless grin is dang awesome. And the girl can shimmy up anything, I swear. Its funny what each kid is good at. All the kids are very athletic (thanks to their Daddy and their Nana) but in different ways. Darby is fast, and very agile, and a climber. Oh and she can clobber you good too, she doesn't care if you are bigger and a boy so watch out.

Here is the trick she wanted to show me. And thats how our family ends a Sunday.

That and orange chicken, white rice and broccoli...thank you TJs :)


brandon said...


embot said...

Jason's faces are super funny. LOVE THE PICS WITH YOUR AWESOME CAMERA, by the way!!

I'm sure any kind of action shot of me would be so freaking scary i hope i never have to know what i look like running, dragging and swinging kids! haha

Nancy Jo said...

I am so impressed that Jason can carry Darby with one arm running - NO wOnDeR he is making a face... as for the hair - hehehe. Darling close up pics of cutie pie Ivy! I am impressed that your action shots are so clear - looks like fun!

Courtney said...

Such fun pictures. Makes me want to come visit you. Jason's faces are pretty awesome. You should make that his new profile pick on facebook. Can't wait to see Ivy. She is a doll!