Thursday, December 22, 2011

Your free Christmas present

Ok so maybe only my parents will want to watch this but...

Darby on the front row at her school Christmas music program.

blogger only lets you do little snippets of video plus i was holding kids at the same time which is tricky. so just a taste for ya.

Part of Luke's song for the same thing.

Wahoo for the school music program, we love it! Makes singing cool! And I love that Luke knows all the words to this song now, I wish I did. Can you find Ashlyn? She should have been in the front row. Its so nice having them in the same class this year.

Merry Christmas, its sooooooo close.

Last one of darby.


Amber said...

I'm STILL loving that they did that "Hallelujah" song. It was so cute.

Nancy Jo said...

Loved hearing them sing! Thanks!!